On Monday Apple had an event where it released new details surrounding the much-anticipated Apple Watch and unveiled a MacBook. It also released iOS 8.2.

The new iOS 8.2 was released to fix a whole range of bugs the previous version had, like Calendar time-zone issues, issues with Maps, iCloud syncing issues and more. The new iOS also has some Health App improvements like issues with graphs, adds a Privacy setting to turn off tracking and also adds the option to select different measurement for distance, body temperature, weight, height and blood glucose levels.

iOS 8.2 3

But the biggest improvement brought by iOS 8.2 is probably the security issues that was only recently discovered. The issue was that there was a security flaw called FREAK (Factoring Attack on RSA-Export Keys) which left many users vulnerable to hacking and identity theft. The security flaw was possibly created by the US government in the late 90s when a government policy stipulated that companies  couldn’t export products with strong encryption codes and required a “export-grade” encryption on export products. This meant that computers and software were sold outside of the US with very weak security in place. Although the particular policy had been lifted by the end of the 90s, many computers and software had still been exported that had the security flaw and programs and systems were implemented around this security flaw. The flaw allows hackers to gain security keys when people browse websites, leaving your communications and personal information vulnerable to interception.

iOS 8.2 Safari

iOS 8.2 also puts the new Apple Watch app on your device. Seeing as the watch is only coming out in April, you can’t use the app yet, but you can watch videos of the watch. The app will allow users to control the Apple Watch. Once you have your watch you will be able to pair it with your phone by using this pre-installed app. You will be able to use the app to watch videos about the Apple Watch and visit a new and special version of the App Store. You will also use the app to update software for your Apple Watch and to change its settings. It seems a bit arbitrary to have a separate companion app when you can just use the watch to update software or visit the app store and you aren’t able to delete the app from your device.

iOS 8.2 AWHere’s how to update your iOS: Settings > General > Software Update > Instal and Download