Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have been on-again off-again since 2010. Currently the tumultuous couple are off-again and have both recently dipped their fresh feet into the EDM pool.

Justin Bieber F

Selena took the plunge first with her song with mega DJ, Zedd entitled I Want You To Know. Now Skrillex and Diplo have dropped a surprise album entitled Diplo and Skrillex Present Jack Ü. The album features Justin Bieber on a banger EDM track cleverly entitled Where Are Ü Now.

So are the two former love birds trying to give each other the finger or are they trying to win each other back or is it all just a coincidence? Let’s look at the facts:

Selena is rumoured to be dating Zedd after the two have been spotted out partying together and getting cuddly on Instagram. Some might argue that they have just made a friendly musical connection after collaborating on their EDM track, I Want You To Know.

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The lyrics to I Want You To Know tell the story of two lovers who are attuned and intertwined with each other and support each other through life’s difficulties. Even the single’s cover is rather intimate, perhaps hinting at the possibility that the song is all about how Selena has found love in the arms of Zedd, effectively giving Justin Bieber the finger. Or Selena wants Justin to know all these things. Who knows?

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Justin’s track is also a banger, with grammy-nominated DJ Snake tweeting that it is the “record of the year”. The track features some beautiful lyrics that are sure to feed starved Beliebers and some sick beats courtesy of Jack Ü. It really doesn’t sound like anything we’ve heard lately, in a good way and we are sure this one’s gonna be a massive hit.

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Where Are Ü Now can easily be interpreted as a song expressing Justin Bieber’s pain over his break up with Selena, especially now that she’s rumoured to have moved on with Zedd. Or is Justin hinting at the fact that he is the reason Selena is famous, with lyrics like “I showed you the game everybody else was playing”. Or maybe the song isn’t about Selena at all.

Who really ever knows what goes on in artists’ heads? Justin and Selena could be battling out EDM-style, or trying to win each other back with sweet love songs or they could just be making music. Either way, we are intrigued how both have them have evolved in their style and range.

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