Lastronaut is an endless iPhone game that is completely free to play.

Lastronaut 1

The game is totally free, which means no ads and no in-app purchases are required. Endless running games are perfect for mobile, because they are easy to play in short sessions. Lastronaut is one of those perfect endless running games and it is really fun to play and even a little addictive.

Lastronaut 5

The game is centred around a little pixellated hero called the Lastronaut. This Wall-E-esque robot has been given the task to clean-up earth after the entire human race have escaped the planet following a robot apocalypse.

Lastronaut Icon

It is really easy to play and you are only given the option to tap on the left of the screen to jump and to tap on the right of the screen to fire-off weapons. You have five random weapon options every time you start a new game and you can pick up random weapons along your way. Your goal is to kill as many robots before dawn when you aim to catch the last ship leaving earth. There are lots of explosions along the way, with cool slo-mo’s for epic explosions or kills.

Lastronaut 4

The game is visually cool and we love the pixellated design as well as the original arcade-style music, but with an EDM vibe.

Lastronaut 6

The game started out as a side-project to create a mobile game that would be free from all ads and in-game purchases. Now, the game is one of the top 30 games in iTunes (at the time of writing this article). The creators have stated that:

For our first game, I’d say it’s pretty darn good. I’d totally play it.