This year’s World Mobile Congress has revealed some pretty sick mobile and tech products. From the weird and wonderful to the future of mobile and tech, we’ve chosen some of the best moments during this year’s show.

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Show Stoppers

There have been many amazing moments at this year’s show, but we think some products really stole the show.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

Everyone was definitely holding their breaths for the unveiling of Samsung’s new flagship smartphone and consumers were not disappointed.

World Mobile Congress S6 1

The new super stylish S6 and S6 Edge is made out of metal and glass and breaks Samsung’s traditional plastic design. Read more about the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge here.

The HTC Vine

One of the biggest surprises at this year’s World Mobile Congress was HTC and Valve’s new virtual reality headset called the HTC Vine.

World Mobile Congress RE Vive

HTC Vine aims to pull the virtual world off of your PC and project it into your environment. HTC and Valve hope to be able to project a virtual world big enough to fill an entire room, where you are able to interact with objects. Read more about the HTC Vine here.

LG Urbane and Urbane LTE

The two new smartwatches from LG really stood out. LG has opted for the more classic-watch look, instead of the square, metal smartwatches that are currently dominating the market. LG has never been one to follow the trends and last year released a round-faced smartwatch, called the LG G Watch R. It was one of the few round-faced Android Wear smartwatches.

Now the Urbane range has the same vivid, round P-OLED display in a silver or gold finished steel body, with a leather adjustable strap or watch bands.

World Mobile Congress LG Urbane and Urbane LTE

The LTE version is a lot bigger than the normal Urbane and runs its own OS and has wallet and phone functions which the normal Urbane does not have.

The normal Urbane watch is basically just your average Android Wear device and has the same 1.3″ 320 x 320 OLED display as the previous LG G Watch R. The Urbane also sports a heart rate monitor and barometer, with 4GB of internal storage space. It is dust and water-resistant, but doesn’t have built-in GPS capabilities.

The Weird and Wonderful

Tech can’t be cool if it isn’t innovative and some pretty cool, and unique tech products wowed the crowd at this year’s World Mobile Congress.

The BlueSmart Smart Suitcase

Who would’ve thought that a suitcase could be high-tech. The BlueSmart Smart suitcase is genius luggage and is sure to make any traveller’s life easier. This smart piece of luggage brings tech to an ordinarily mundane product. The new BlueSmart suitcase syncs with an app that is able to give you information like how much your luggage weighs, it allows you to remotely lock or unlock the suitcase and even has a locate option.

World Mobile Congress The BlueSmart Smart Suitcase

If you enter your flight details into the app it will provide you with updates and current status of your flight and gives you the weather of the location you are traveling to and suggests what kind of clothes you should pack.

Motorola Scout 5000 Pet Collar

Why not share your love of tech with your best fury friend. The Motorola Scout 5000 is a smart-collar for pets that tells you where your pets are with built-in GPS, gives you a life video stream and lets you talk to your beloved buddy. The collar also has geo-fencing capabilities as well as bark-notifications to ensure that you are able to ensure discipline.

World Mobile Congress Motorola Scout 5000 Pet Collar

VoCore Wi-Fi Router

The tiny 25mm x 25 mm cube VoCore from Imagination Technology could well be the world’s smallest Wi-Fi router. What makes the VoCore really special is that you are able to run it off of battery-life, which means you never have to be disconnected.

VoCore Wi-Fi Router

Jaq Hydrogen Battery Powerpack

The Jaq battery powerpacck from myPC can store enough power to even charge the massive iPhone 6 Plus. The pack works with a hydrogen fuel cell that generates energy when filled with a water and catalysing salt mixture. The cartridges are unfortunately non-reusable, but are easily recycled and are even made from recycled material.

Jaq Hydrogen Battery Powerpack

LifeBEAM Smart Hat

Another strange, but cool tech and every day item combination is the LifeBEAM smart hat. This baseball style-cap tackles fitness tracking  head-on. It has a bunch of sensors on the back strap of the cap, which track heart rate, cadence, speed, calories burned, etc. You are then able to view your fitness information on a compatible device (like a smartphone or tablet) using an app.

LifeBEAM Hat