Vince, E, Turtle and Drama are back and this time on the big screens.

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Entourage 2

After almost 5 years fans will be treated with a big screen adaptation of the hit HBO show, set to hit cinemas in June 2015. The movie picks up where the show left off, documenting Vince‘s life as a movie star and the crazy company he keeps. In the movie Ari (Vince‘s agent/friend) finances Vince‘s directorial debut and Vince goes over his $100 million budget. With Ari refusing to supply him with more money, Vince turns to Larsen McCredle (played by Billy Bob Thornton), a Texas billionaire.

Vince remains as chilled and unbothered as always, saying that if the movie flops him and the boys can  just move back to Queens, New York. Ari on the other hand is always a second away from full cardiac arrest and has to deal with the new pressure of being the head of a studio.

Entourage 1

The original cast returns (yes, even Lloyd) to reprise their roles and it just wouldn’t be Entourage with out a cameo appearance by the show’s executive producer, Mark Wahlberg. Sloan and E are still together, and are expecting their fist baby. Other famous faces you can look forward to seeing in the movie include Liam Neeson, T.I., Kid Cudi, Piers Morgan, Pharrell Williams, Kelsey Grammer and Jessica Alba.

Check out the trailer below and let us know if you plan on going to see the movie when it comes out later this year: