Columbia Pictures have released the first official trailer for Pixels, a movie about a world where PacMan and other classic arcade games are at war with Earth.

Pixels 2

The year is 1982 and NASA launches a time capsule into space in an attempt to make friendly contact with aliens. The capsule contains a lot of information about our planet like pop-culture during the 80s. Included in the capsule are videos of classic arcade games like PacMan and Donkey Kong. Fast forward to present day and aliens misinterpret these games as a declaration of war and decide to attach Earth using characters from arcade games as models for their warriors.

Adam Sandler stars in the movie as a home theatre installer who used to be an 80s arcade champion. The President (played by Kevin James) calls upon Sam Brenner to assist in fighting the arcade-style aliens.

After an attempt by the creator of PacMan to entice him with Kool-Aid fails, Brenner and his old arcade champion pals (played by Peter Dinklage and Josh Gad) are given the task to defeat the aliens and save earth. These retro-gamers use tactics and technology from arcade games to try to defeat these pixellated aliens.

Pixels 1

The movie was directed by Chris Columbus (Night at the Museum trilogy and three Harry Potter movies) and also stars Michelle Monaghan as the President’s wife who had a previous relationship with Adam Sandler’s character, Ed Brenner.

Check out some of the awesome official posters showing PacMan and other characters from classic arcade games as aliens trying to take over Earth:

The movie is set to hit cinemas in July this year, in the mean time check out the trailer for Pixels and experience a world where PacMan destroys you by pixellating you: