Thinking of getting an Apple Watch but can’t decide on which of the many different Apple Watch straps to choose from? has you covered.

Apple Watch Straps 3

Last week Apple revealed some details surrounding the Apple Watch, specifically how much a Watch will set you back. We were all rather surprised that the Apple Watch Edition can cost you up to $10 000 (about R17 000.00)! The high price of the Apple Watch can be daunting and if you are going to get one you want to be sure that you are happy with it. Also, wearable tech is such a personal choice as you wear it on your body and you want it to reflect your personality and style.

Apple Watch straps 1

Having to decide between over 20 different option combinations can be a confusing task for anyone. There are three main case options – stainless steel, aluminum and gold and each of these options are available in two different tints, like yellow and rose gold options.

Apple Watch Straps 2

Once you’ve decided on your case you have to choose your strap, which comes in many options like fluoroelastomer (plastic), leather and steel. Obviously, you aren’t restricted by your case and watch strap combination because you can always buy another strap but this website is great so that you can have a preview of what you want to get to see if the combination works.

Once you’ve decided on your perfect Apple Watch, drop us a comment with your choice!