It’s official! Zoolander 2 is happening and the way Paramount Pictures made the announcement was just amazing!

Derek Zoolander (Ben Stiller) and Hansel (Owen Wilson) strutted their stuff (for the first time in 15 years) down the Valentino runway at this year’s Paris Fashion Week in pure Zoolander-style. After the fashionable pair showed off how ridiculously good-looking they are, Paramount Pictures took to Twitter to announce that Zoolander 2 is set to hit cinemas on 12 February 2016:

Derek rocked a Night Butterflies brocade suit and a hand-embroidered overcoat and Hansel wore a stunning Silk Continent print Pajama suit with a Double Cashmere overcoat paired with Open sneakers. The pair (appropriately) walked to “Don’t You Want Me” by The Human League and based on the audience’s reactions, everyone wants Zoolander 2.

Zoolander 2 3

So, what can we expect from Zoolander 2? Obviously Stiller and Owen are set to reprise their iconic 2001 roles of two rival male models, with good hearts and minimal intelligence. We don’t know much about the story-line yet, except that Stiller will be co-writing the script with director, Justin Theroux. Christine Taylor has confirmed that she will be reprising her role as Derek‘s wife, Matilda. Rumour has it that Will Ferrel will also be back to play Mugatu.

If Zoolander and Hansel‘s recent Paris Fashion Week take-over is anything to go by, we can expect a lot of selfies in Zoolander 2:

The long-awaited sequel will start shooting in August at Paramount Pictures’ famous Cinecitta Studios in Rome for 12 weeks.