When Friends first aired in 1994 few people knew who the six cast members were. But things soon changed and as the show’s popularity grew, more and more famous people made an appearance. Not only did Friends catapult the main actors’ careers, but it was also a starting point for other actors who later became famous. We chose these 5 actors who appeared in Friends before they were famous to show you how far they’ve come:

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1. Dakota Fanning

On Friends: Fanning starred as Mackenzie in The One With Princess Consuela (S10 E14). She’s the little girl who is living in the house Monica and Chandler want to buy. She gives Joey some pretty grown up advice about his struggles of letting go of Monica and Chandler.

Since Then: Many people first took notice of Fanning when she delivered a very moving and convincing performance in Steven Spielberg’s War of the Worlds, also starring Tom Cruise. She made it big-time when she landed a role as a mean little vampire in the popular Twilight Saga.

2. Craig Robinson

On Friends: You might remember Robinson also from The One With Princess Consuela in which he portrays a clerk at the place where Phoebe is attempting to change her name.

Actors Who Appeared In Friends

Since Then: Robinson got his first big break when he played Darryl Philbin on The Office, also starring Steve Carell. He is also made it onto the big screen, starring in successful comedies like Pineapple Express, This Is The End and Hot Tub Time Machine.

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3. Anna Faris

On Friends: Faris starred in FriendsThe One With The Birth Mother (S10 E09) as Erica. Erica is the biological mother of the twins Monica and Chandler adopt.

Since Then: Before her appearance on Friends, Faris had already made a bit of a name for herself by starring in movies like Scary Movie. But her career exploded when she starred in The House Bunny and What’s Your Number. She currently starring in CBS’s Mom.

4. Rebecca Romijn

On Friends: In The One With The Dirty Girl (S04 E06), Romijn is the “dirty girl“, but not in the sexy way. You may remember that everyone agreed that Cheryl (portrayed by Romijn) was one of the hottest girls they have ever seen. Ross ends up going home with her, only to discover that she essentially lives in a hot mess. She even has rats running around her apartment.

stars 2

Since Then: You may not recognise her without her blue make-up from playing Mystique in the X-Men franchise.

Stars 3

5. Christine Taylor

On Friends: Taylor plays Bonnie in The One With The Jellyfish (S04 E01). Bonnie is dating Ross and Rachel convinces her to shave her head in the hopes of winning back Ross.

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Since Then: After Friends, Taylor married Ben Stiller in 2000 and has since starred in movies alongside her famous husband, like Zoolander and Dodgeball.