Facebook Messenger has gone through major changes in the past few years.

What started off as a way to privately communicate with your Facebook friends (and a way for stalkers to suggest sex and propose marriage to you) turned into Facebook Messenger being its own separate app. Now Messenger has turned into its own standalone platform for third-parties, which was unveiled at this year’s Facebook F8 Developers Conference. There are now over 30 apps available to download and install directly in Messenger.

We tried out the different apps and chose these 5 as our favourites:

1. GIFs

It just wouldn’t be a messaging app without the option to sent GIFs. If you don’t know what a GIF is (i.e. you’ve been living under a rock), it’s an acronym for graphic interchange format, basically meaning that it supports file formats of animated images. With GIF you are able to say exactly how you feel by using an appropriate meme.


With this Facebook Messenger app you are able to choose between a ton of searchable GIFs and the app even lets you save your favourites to easily access in the future.

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2. Hook’d

Hook’d might not be for everyone, maybe only those people who are super confident/don’t give a damn. It basically allows you to create your own music video. You are given the option to scroll through a list of songs. The songs only contain the melody and you are tasked with adding the lyrics. Once you’ve selected a song you can video record yourself singing the song. Once you are finished you can edit your 30-second video clip by adjusting your pitch and adding special effects.

3. Emu

Emu lets you take a short selfie video and then lets you choose between 18 popular phrases like I love you and Whatever to add to your selfie message.


4. ClipDis (Our Favourite)

This Facebook Messenger app is seriously fun. What it does is turn your messages into micro-videos using clips from movies. You type a message and a different movie character will say each individual word, turning even the most boring message into a fun experience. You can either send it to someone via Messenger or you can save it to your phone.

5. Effectify

This app is sure to make your friends and family LOL. You snap a selfie and choose from a list of different effects like turning yourself old or fat. Imagine how hilarious it is to turn your baby into an old lady.

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