A resent study conducted by TA telecom reveal that Africa’s mood is mostly negative.

TA telecom, a mobile managed service provider for regional telecom operators and brands, conducted a study of over 1.5 million tweets from 50 African continents. The study spanned over 20 days (26 February – 08 March 2015) and data was analysed from Twitter’s API (application program interface) using Python.

Sample Tweets Used

Positive Tweets:

  • When life leaves us blind…. Love keeps us kind 
  • When in Cape Town… Hit the sand of course. Loving this sunshine
  • Only one type of food for a month… It would probably be Nutella! Happiest month ever!

Neutral Tweets:

  • Midterm break… work or rest?
  • I mean I think I’m starting liking you but… It’s complicated
  • Have you found your name on a coke bottle?

Negative Tweets:

  • The worst things in life come free to us.
  • There’s nothing left to feel.
  • The more I listen, the more I get annoyed.

The study revealed that, based on Tweets, 74% of the Tweets from the 50 African countries are negative, 16% are neutral and a mere 10% are positive, The Western African country, Sierra Leon is the most negative, with 80% of the Tweets originating from the country being negative and only 8% of the Tweets were positive. South Africans composed the most amount of Tweets (344 600) during this period and of the over 300 000 Tweets, 75% were positive, 15% were neutral and 10% were positive.

Check out this infographic showing more data on Africa’s mood:

Africa's Mood 2