Electronic Arts has announced that it is partnering with Illumination Entertainment and Universal Partnership & Licensing to create a Minions mobile game.

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Minions Game 4

The mobile game will be called Minions Paradise and is set to be released later this year. The new Minions mobile game will star Phil, “an exclusive, never-before-seen Minion created by the team at Illumination”. Players can expect to experience how playful and mischievous Minions are as well as their strange, but hilarious obsession with bananas.

Minions Game 1Directors, animators and writers from Illumination will be teaming up with EA to create a mobile game with a rich back story paired with fun gameplay all wrapped into a beautifully detailed design. The game revolves around Phil and the Minions who plan to build the ultimate Minions Paradise. The idea doesn’t go according to plan and you will have to build, craft and design a world that every Minion dreams of. Some of your tasks will involve water skiing behind alligators, fishing for electric eels, tossing mangos from floating balloons and many more fun typical Minion activities.

Minions Game 2

The Minions made their debut in the 2010 Illumination movie, Despicable me, starring Steve Carell as the main character, Gru, Russell Brand as Dr. Nefario, Kristen Wigg as Miss Hattie and Jason Segel as Vector. The sequel, Despicable Me 2, came out in 2013, with Carell reprising his role as Gru and Brand as Dr. Nefario. A spinoff movie, Minions, is being released by Illumination in July 2015 and will tell the origin story of the Minions and will star Sandra Bullock as Scarlet Overkill, a super-villain and Jon Hamm as her husband, Herb Overkill. The movie revolves around three minions (Stuart, Kevin and Bob) who are recruited by Scarlet Overkill to take over the world.