Whether it’s spam or an ex, sometimes you just can’t stand opening your Gmail account and seeing that dreaded email. But don’t change your email address just yet, here are some steps to set up filters to block someone on Gmail:

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STEP 1: Log Into Your Gmail Account

Go to gmail.com and enter your Gmail email address and your password to access your account.

STEP 2: Find An Email From The Person You Want To Block

To find a conversation or email from the person you want to block you just enter the person’s email address or any other search criteria (like the person’s name or the subject of an email) into the search bar at the top. This will filter all the messages in your Inbox to show any emails matching your search criteria.

Block Someone On Gmail

STEP 3: Create A Filter

Once you’ve selected an email from the person you want to block, select the down arrow on the right of the email.

Then select Filter messages like this from the menu that drops down.

Block Someone On Gmail

STEP 4: Fill In The Filter Criteria

If you want to block someone on Gmail completely you fill in the person’s email address into the From field. This will block all messages from that person.

Then select Create filter with this search at the bottom.

STEP 5: Delete All The Emails

Select the Delete it box from the list of options presented.

Then select the Create filter blue box at the bottom. You can also delete all existing messages from that person by selecting the Also apply to matching conversations box next to the Create filter box at the bottom.