The Internet giveth and the Internet taketh away. Trevor Noah recently received a lot of new and sudden attention when it was announced that he will be replacing Jon Stewart on the popular Comedy Central show, The Daily Show. After the announcement everyone took to the Internet to find out more about this South African comedian filling the shoes of a beloved American comedy legend. Some people had the time to go through more than 8000 Tweets Noah has been composing since June 2009 and found a handful that were apparently “sexist“, “anti-Semitic” and “racist“.

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Although you might not be the next big comedian, you might want to forget a certain period of your life when you were Tweeting about things you now regret. Even though we want to believe that people will be a little more forgiving about the things you Tweeted back in 2009, but the Internet never forgets. So you’ll need to get rid of the social media paper trail. Luckily we’ve hooked you up with some ways on how to mass delete Tweets to avoid having to change your name and shave your head in shame:

Search For Single Tweets

Twitter’s new Advanced Search Option gives you the ability to search through your Tweets using search criteria like keywords, usernames or dates.

Mass Delete Tweets


Once you’ve found the Tweets you were looking for you can manually delete them by clicking More on the bottom right of the Tweet and Select Delete Tweet from the drop down menu.

Mass Delete Tweets

Mass Delete Tweets

If you have no other choice but to commit Twittercide or you just want to have a fresh start you can use some third-party apps like TweetDeleter, Tweeticide or TweetDelete. These apps let you either delete your entire Twitter history or you can bulk delete certain sections of Tweets.