The only sure thing in life is death, but luckily none of us know exactly when we will be departing. Until now. Life Clock is an Apple Watch App that uses your health data collected by your Watch to estimate your lifespan. The data is then used to determine how long before you might die.

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Life Clock 1

Life Clock will use data collected by Apple’s HealthKit and other activity tracking apps and will automatically update your lifespan based on this data. For instance, time will be added to your “death clock” when you’ve completed a good work-out and time will be subtracted when you didn’t sleep well.

This all sounds a bit grim doesn’t it? That’s not the idea behind the app and the creators have said that they intend the app to be motivational:

The whole idea is to confront your mentality. We want to encourage people to make good decisions today by giving them a palpable reminder that those actions will have an impact tomorrow.

Life Clock 2

The app becomes a game, with daily challenges like gaining 30 minute of your life-span when you eat healthy and losing time for partying too hard. The clock will automatically update your FINAL countdown and will display the amount of years, days, hours, minutes and seconds you have left. But the creators don’t intend to really give you an accurate reading, instead they want to provide you with a tool that allows you to evaluate your day-to-day activities and health habits:

It’s something like putting a photo on the fridge to stop you from late-night snacking.