When Friends debuted back in 1994 the Internet was still relatively new and social media hadn’t even been thought of yet. After all, Mark Zuckerberg, who was born in 1984, was only 10-years-old back then. Facebook was launched in 2004, the same year the final episode of Friends air after a successful 10-season run. So BuzzFeed decided to imagine a world where the characters from Friends had social media. Check out Tweets, Facebook posts and more from Chandler, Monica, Rachel, Ross, Joey, Phoebe and Gunter:

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Chandler‘s Twitter Account

Funny man Chandler would’ve completely dominated Twitter with his lame, but funny one-liners and puns. His sarcastic humour and comedic timing would’ve probably racked up a lot of followers and Retweets.

If Friends Had Social Media 6

Monica‘s Pinterest Account

Neat-freak, always the hostess and chef are only some of the words to describe Monica. Pinterest is the perfect place for Monica to really get into her love for organising and Create Boards to Pin recipes, holiday ideas and ideas for her home.

If Friends Had Social Media 3

Rachel‘s Facebook Page

We can only imagine that Rachel could become rather annoying on Facebook. She probably uploads millions of pictures of her baby, Emma and her relationship status probably changes everyday. But she might be a useful Facebook Friend to have as she would give great fashion advice and tips.
If Friends Had Social Media 1

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Joey‘s Tinder Account

The ever-so charming and flirtatious Joey would’ve loved Tinder, because it would be such an easy way for him to pick up women.

If Friends Had Social Media 2

Smelly Cat on YouTube

The Internet just wouldn’t have been complete in a world where the characters of Friends had social media if there wasn’t a video on YouTube of Phoebe‘s Smelly Cat.

If Friends Had Social Media 4

Ross on LinkedIn

Ross loves dinosaurs and he takes his job as a NYU professor very seriously. It comes as no surprise that Ross would have a very detailed LinkedIn page setting out all his career accomplishments and education achievements.

If Friends Had Social Media 5

Gunter is the only one left on Google+

Basically no one uses Google+, except of course lonely coffee barrister, Gunter. We’re sure all he wants is to make some friends, but this dude is clueless and a little creepy sometimes.

If Friends Had Social Media 7