Luxury time-pieces have always been a symbol of success and decadence, but would you go so far as to buy a two million rand Apple Watch?

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When we first found out that the gold Apple Watch Edition would cost you $10 000 (about R118 044.00) we thought that that’s as good as it will get. But Goldgenie didn’t think it was a big enough price tag for the first smartwatch from Apple and have created an upcoming Spectrum collection of ultra luxurious Apple Watches.

Million Rand Apple Watch 2

The Spectrum collection will provide you with different options to customise your Apple Watch. Luxury Launches reported that the top price tag for a diamond-encrusted 18-karate gold Apple Watch could set you back as much as $164 000, which translates to about R1.9 million. That’s a hefty price tag that few will be able to afford. Luckily there will be more affordable options available to us commoners.

Check out some of the options from the Spectrum collection as well as other luxury products from Goldgenie:

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