We’ve all been guilty of an app splurge, but these 5 iOS apps are actually overboard. Some of the apps are really useful, like engineering tools and business solutions, but you just can’t justifying buying some of the other useless and ridiculously expensive iOS apps. If you had to buy all of these 5 apps you would have to fork out about R95 999.94!!!

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Expensive iOS Apps 2

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1. VIP Black – R23 999.99 ($1 999.99)

This self-proclaimed “Millionaire App” gives users exclusive access to VIP treatments like priority access to parties and restaurants, complimentary upgrades and surprise gifts. Unfortunately, us commoners can’t get this app (not only because we can’t afford it), but also because this expensive iOS app requires you to certify that you are in fact a millionaire.

2. app.Cash – R11 999.99 ($999.99)

This is a cashier system app that can be used for many retail business purposes and is worth the price tag as it is an app that helps you earn money.

3. CyberTuner – R11 999.99 ($999.99)

This is another one of the expensive iOS apps that is worth the price tag. The app’s developer, Reyburn, has been a piano tuning software tool for the past 18 years. The app was developed over a period of 3 years, which included a year of testing by various master piano technicians.

4. Mobi Gage NDI – R11 999.99 ($999.99)

As a manufacturing app, Mobi Gage NDI is used to inspect parts and during assemblies in the manufacturing process.

5. Agro – R11 999.99 ($999.99)

This app assists agronomist by organising and keeping tack of crops, chemicals, pests and any inspections that have been done and the results of such an inspection. All of the data that is collected is then organised for easy reference into a spreadsheet. We aren’t too sure whether this expensive iOS apps is worth its hefty price tag, because you still have to input all the data, which you could probably just do yourself.