Now that we’ve had some time to bond with the newest of Apple’s personal devices we thought we’d share our initial experience and what we like and dislike so far about the Apple Watch. The model we are trying out is the Apple Watch 38mm Stainless Steal Case with a Milanese Loop strap that we got from ShipandShop.

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Even if you aren’t particularly fond of Apple products you have to admit that it has some seriously beautiful and simple design, which is especially reflected in the packaging your Apple Watch comes in. There are two packaging options for the Watch, with the Sport having a rectangular box and the other options coming in a square box. Ours came in the latter options, and we prefer this option because it looks more luxurious and elegant, whereas the Sport’s packaging is more casual which is probably the point.


Inside our box we found a sleek compact (which reminded us of the Apple TV) to keep the Watch in. The inside of the box has a soft material to prevent scratches and has ridges and a secure loop to make sure the Watch is stable and won’t giggle around. Once you remove this compact you will find your new charging cable folded neatly around a foldable charing plug.


Getting Used to the New Experience

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The Apple Watch is a completely new experience and it will take some time to get used to it. First, you need to understand that it is a quick-glance extension of your iPhone and not a complete extension of your iPhone like your iPad or Mac might be.

You are also going to want to press the Watch against your face initially because it feels like the text is small, because the screen is so small. In reality the size difference isn’t so significant compared to the iPhone:


Getting used to the movements also takes time and in the beginning we frequently shook our wrists in frustration because the Watch automatically locks when you lower your wrist. Luckily there is the crown which can be used to unlock the screen, but the Apple Watch locks is when you lower your wrist. To help make the experience smoother we suggest disabling passcode because the Watch will move around on your wrist, which will cause it will lock and if you are in a hurry it is annoying to put the passcode using such small numbers.


If you aren’t used to wearing a watch at all you might bump it around a little, but in the time we’ve used the Watch we haven’t noticed any scratches or notches on the stainless steel or the Sapphire crystal screen.

There are numerous apps that carry over from your iPhone if they have been designed for Apple Watch. But what’s really interesting is that the experience is completely simplified on the Watch and have been adapted to be used for quick glances.

The Touch Screen

There is no motion sensor because you wear it on your wrist in the same place so the screen doesn’t need to adapt its orientation the whole time. But the Watch does have wrist detection and which means that it will unlock when you lift it up to your face and will lock when you lower your wrist. The Retina display has been great so far and the experience has been sleek and smooth. You can easily slide up for your Glances, slide down for your notifications, Force Touch for a variety of options (which is very useful because of the limited space) and easily scroll up and down on the screen.


What We Love the Most So Far

We love that the Touch screen is so responsive and smooth and that the Retina display is so crisp and clear. Another feature we love is that apps have been adapted to be used to quickly glance short bits of info, which is great for when you are on the run.

The battery life has been surprising great so far. We think the Apple Watch looks really expensive and stylish and we have been getting a lot of attention wearing it.


What We Dislike So Far

The buttons are sometimes difficult to press and this becomes especially annoying when you’ve enabled a passcode. It takes a while to get used to how to hold the Watch up to your face without it constantly locking and unlocking, but you eventually figure it out.