After the success of the LG G3 we were incredibly excited to get our hands on the brand new LG G4. Fortunately we managed to get hold of one of these shiny new devices ahead of the SA launch event this week. We have been using the device for a few days now and wanted to give you our first impressions ahead of the full review.

Thin, light and slight

The first thing we noticed with the G4 is just how sleek the device is. It has a beautifully large screen set within a slightly curved frame. It manages to be light but still solid enough that it doesn’t feel cheap. The device we have is the grey plastic backed version which feels comfortable in the hand.

Beautifully bright

When you start using the device you immediately fall in love with the new screen. The new IPS quantum display that LG have added tot he G4 is really sharp and bright. Colours and contrast really jump out at you. I keep unlocking it just to gaze at the screen.

Power fight

Although we need a bit more time to decide on the G4’s battery performance the 3000 mAh battery falls somewhere in between the Samsung S6’s 2550 mAh and the Sony Xperia Z3’s 3100 mAh albeit pretty close to the Xperia. This will be interesting to see how it performs with the enhanced screen and hardware.

So far the G4 has done nothing but impress. Keep an eye out for our full review next week where we will tackle all of the new G4 features and give you the verdict.

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