The first mobile phone came out in the late 70s and has since gone through some major changes and upgrades. Then in 2007 the iPhone was unveiled and the smartphone became a must-have item. We’ve become useless without our smartphone companions and some studies even suggest that people have started showing serious signs of technology addiction, especially smartphone addiction.

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Our smartphone dependency has also changed our general behaviour. We are more connected than ever, but also so disconnected from our surroundings. Children have also become less playful and have become more desensitized than ever thanks to their easy access to smartphones and tablets. Some people also believe that smartphones make people self-obsessed and encourages narcissism.

We’ve found some funny, but true illustrations and cartoons that depict how our smartphones have changed us:

Smartphone Jail

We have become slaves to our smartphones and find ourselves almost locked away in our beloved electronic companions.

Smartphones 10

Not All Smartphones Go To Heaven

Smartphone 7


Even though we’ve become more connected than ever, some of us might feel disconnected when we are without our smartphones. Also, having a smartphone has caused many people to withdraw socially as the need for actual physical human contact becomes less because they can “connect” with people using the internet.

Smartphone 4


The only time we are not attached to our smartphones is when we are sleeping (or showering) and we take our buddy with us everywhere we go.

Smartphone 3

We Never Go Outside Anymore

You can’t go to the beach without your smartphone. How else are you supposed to take humblebrag pictures of your feet in the sand or sunset pictures with three million hashtags. You also need your smartphone at the beach to locate the nearest restaurant or to check weather updates, because you can’t do any of those things yourself.

Smartphone 1

Child’s Play

Babies must think we are crazy for having such a passionate connection to our smartphones, but they will eventually understand the panic that sets in when you can’t find your phone.

Smartphone 9

We Don’t Stop To Smell The Roses Anymore

With our heads constantly bowed to check our phones we forget to live in the moment. Many times you would miss something happening around you because you are just not paying any attention to your environment.

Smartphone 6