Cell C has announced that it will be the first South African mobile service provider to pay for your termination fees if you decide to switch to Cell C in the companies new Buy-Out campaign.

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Switch to Cell C

Cell C’s CEO, Jose Dos Santos explains why the company is assisting customers who want to switch to Cell C:

So many South African are feeling trapped in long-term contracts by their providers that ask for extortionary cancellation fees for early termination. Cell C’s Contract Buy-Out proposition releases customers from those fees by offering to help buy themselves out of their existing contracts.

All mobile service providers charge a termination fee when customers end their contracts before they expire. The reason being that the provider needs to regain the costs for the handset you received in terms of your contract. In order to do this, some providers charge what they call a “reasonable early termination fee“, which could sometimes be a very high percentage of the remaining contract subscription fee. A high termination fee could force customers to continue with contracts when they want to leave, with Dos Santos stating that:

We understand that carriers must recoup costs for the handset when customers leave before a contract comes to an end, but charging any percentage of the remaining contract subscription as a termination fee is ludicrous.

If you want to Cell C to buy out your contract you can visit any of its nationwide stores with your up to date invoice from your current mobile service provider as well as your current handset to trade in and you will find out how much you qualify for. The company has stated that it will offer Postpaid and TopUp customers an amount of between R1 000.00 and R10 000.00 as well as a new handset, if they sign up for one its seven new EPIC bundle packages. These new packages are very flexible and you can choose between packages valued from R69.00 per month to unlimited R999.00 per month. You can decide if you want use your contract value on voice calling, data or SMS.

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But the benefits don’t stop there. In another first for the South African mobile market, anyone who signs up for an EPIC Contract package won’t be subjected to a price increase on the contract. If you are a current Cell C customer you can also move from your current plan to the new EPIC packages.

Check out the Buy-Out values on the new EPIC packages:

PACKAGE (Postpaid and Hybrid) EPIC 100 EPIC 150 EPIC 200 EPIC 350 EPIC 500 EPIC 650 EPIC 1000 EPIC INFINITY
MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION (SIM only Fee) R 69 R 99 R 129 R 229 R 339 R 449 R 699 R 999
Buy-out Value Postpaid R 1 000 R 2 500 R 4 000 R 6 000 R10 000 R 10 000
Buy-out Value Hybrid R4 000 R6 000 R10 000 N/A
INCLUSIVE AIRTIME R 100 R 150 R 200 R 350 R 500 R 650 R 1 000 *Unlimited Calls, SMSs and 3GB Data

Cell C’s Buy-Out promotion is currently scheduled to end on 30 September 2015. But the company have stated that it might consider extending the promotion if it proves to be popular.