Last night we we’re lucky enough to attend the official LG G4 South African launch event and we saw and felt the great.

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The evening was hosted by Emmanuel Castis and Mr Eric, LG Mobile Product Manager, presented the new flagship smartphone from LG to the audience.

LG G4 South African Launch

LG focussed on improving on last year’s G3 by upgrading the G4’s camera and display. Some of the key new features that the LG G4 boasts are:

  • 5.5″ IPS Quantum Display;
  • 16 MP LaserCam F1.8;
  • 8MP Selfie Camera; and
  • Colour Spectrum Sensor

At the LG G4 South African launch we learned that the G4 has cool customisable features like a replaceable battery, removable and interchangeable back cover and has upgradable storage. What really stood out in terms of aesthetics though is the new genuine leather back cover option, which makes the new G4 feel unique and sophisticated. The covers are available in black and tan genuine leather and provides not only a great look, but a great feel as well. If you’re not feeling the leather you can stick to the standard black or white back covers.

The camera was by far the star of the show and as guest speaker, Vega’s Head of Photography Fiona Peak explained – “The best camera is the one you have on you and the LG G4 is just that“. It has features like an 16MP rear-facing camera with a wide F1.8 aperture lens which improves light that reaches the sensors by 80% and OIS.2.0, which doubles image stability. It’s difficult not to view the G4 as a fully fledged camera that takes professional and high quality photo images. All of the images and videos at the event were taken on a G4 and we were amazed at the image detail and vivid colours. A new Manual Mode brings out the photographer in every one and lets you directly adjust the shutter speed, exposure time, contrast and white balance. The camera has CSS which captures data regarding the lighting conditions and then adjusts the white balance and the flash accordingly to create vividly realistic images.

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Selfie was the 2014 Word of the Year and LG took notice. The G4 has an industry-leading 8MP selfie camera that works with GIS, which takes four photos 2 seconds after each other, allowing you to choose the best selfie to share with the world.

The LG G4 obviously had to have an amazing display to show off what the camera is capable of doing. The G4 comes with LG Display’s new 5.5” IPS Quantum Display, which improves colour reproduction by 20%, brightness by 25% and contrast by 50%. The Quad HD display uses AIT technology, which improves colour and touch sensitivity by combining the touch sensor and LCD, making the user experience smooth and crystal clear.

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You would think with all of these upgrades you are going to be walking around with 5 spare batteries, but that’s not the case with the G4. LG claims that the 3 000mAh battery will last for a full day of normal use and would probably not need replacing while you are using it.

Like what you’ve read? Of course you did! The LG G4 is stunning and you can pre-order yours from June 2015.

Check out some of the shots we snapped at the LG G4 South African launch event using the new device (which were taken in extremely bad lighting conditions):