On Friday, the new MacBook finally became available to purchase from all major South African retailers.

New MacBook 1

It took some time, but now South African Apple geeks can finally get their hands on the all new MacBook, which was revealed earlier this year. If you are thinking of buying one you can expect to pay (as recommended by ShopandShip.co.za) the following:

12″ MacBook with 1.1GHz Intel Core M CPU, 8GB od RAM and 256GB SSD

12′ MacBook with 1.2GHz Intel Core M, 8GB of RAM and 512 SSD

If you are still unsure whether you should get your hands on one check out some of its impressive features:

  • It comes with Apple’s new Force Touch technology that allows for more intuitive touch;
  • There is no fan, making it super slim (24% slimmer than the previous version). Tim Cook even jokingly asked if the audience can even see the new MacBook during its reveal;
  • It boasts a 12″ Retina display with a 2304 x 1440 resolution.
  • The ShopandShip price is R300 less than the iStore price and they will probably get it to you sooner

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