Sony Pictures has released a second trailer for Adam Sandler’s Pixels movie.

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Do you remember how your grandparents used to tell you that video games are evil and will destroy the young generation? Well, according to Sandler’s Pixels movie, they weren’t too far off. As you can check in the above trailer, the movie centres around an alien invasion that occurred because of a miscommunication. See, back in the 80s, humanity wanted to let extraterrestrial life know that humans are totally rad and that we just love video games. By trying to send out friendly communications to space, an alien race misinterprets classic arcade games like PacMan and Donkey Kong as a hostile threat. These misguided aliens then invade our planet using references from the video games to create weapons. This results in a world where PacMan is the bad guy and Sandler and a group video game geeks are tasked with the responsibility to save humanity.

Sandler’s Pixels movie is based on a 2010 short film by Patrick Jean. We are excited about this one because we’ll be able to get a feel of what a video game world would be like (and that’s always been the dream). But more importantly, because the movie is family friendly you will be able to take your kids with and tell them stories about how you used to play these games at the shop down the street from grandma’s house (you obviously rode on a dinosaur as well). We also love the whole pixellated look of the bad guys that are combined with amazing new tech to create a very cool visual experience.

Pixels 2

Pixels was directed by the amazingly talented Chris Columbus (Home Alone and Harry Potter) and will be released in July 2015. Other cast members that join Sandler’s Pixels movie are Kevin James (as the President of the US), Michelle Monaghan, Ashley Benson, Peter Dinklage, Sean Bean and Josh Gad (as the gaming geeks).

Pixels 1

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