A new trailer has been released for A LEGO Brickumentary. This documentary is narrated by Jason Bateman and explores the history of the LEGO company, how it became a worldwide phenomenon and had a massive impact on pop culture.

Last year Danish-based LEGO became the biggest toy company ever and overtook competitors like Mattel and Spinmaster. LEGO has become a major franchise since it was founded in 1932 and have revolutionised the toy industry one brick at a time. The LEGO range is huge and include products like video games, The LEGO Movie and massive sets that are enjoyed by people of all ages. What makes LEGO so popular is that, although it is a toy, it stimulates creativity and improves cognitive skills. The documentary, or rather Brickumentary, will explore just how big of an impact LEGO has had through the years and, based on the trailer, the film will feature some epic LEGO creations.

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A LEGO Brickumentary

The documentary is set for release in July 2015 and was created by Radius. Other documentaries created by Radius include Horns, Citzenfour and Snowpiecer.