Yesterday, President Obama joined Twitter in his personal capacity after being in the Oval Office for six years.

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Obama joined Twitter

What’s really amazing though is that President Obama has broken a Guinness World Record for reaching 1 million followers on Twitter in the fastest time ever. Forbes reported that President Obama had gained 1 million followers within 5 hours of joining the micro-blogging site. This translates into a following rate of 3 314 followers per minute!!! President Obama also hit 100 000 followers within 30 minutes of joining Twitter. Most users don’t even have that many followers after having been on Twitter for the past 6 years.

President Obama’s Twitter bio states that he is a “[dad], husband, and 44th President of the United States“. His whole family features in his profile’s wallpaper photo, which was taken at the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s iconic walk in Alabama, USA.

When President Obama joined Twitter he greeted the Internet with his first Tweet:

President Obama joined Twitter under the handle @POTUS (President of the United States). Bill Clinton jokingly asked him if he gets to keep the handle when he is no longer in Office when he welcomed him on Twitter:

Previously, the President sometimes Tweeted in his personal capacity from the official @BarackObama Twitter account that is run by his administration, which has gained close to 60 million followers since it joined Twitter on March 2007. But now President Obama joined Twitter as himself, which means that he will be able to share even more of his personal life with the outside world. At the time of writing this post, President Obama had 2.26 million followers and follows 65 Twitter accounts, including Bill Clinton and of course First Lady, Michelle Obama.

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