me&you Mobile is the new South African mobile provider and it launches today (04 May 2015). This new  (MVNO) will be launched by Durban-based Ignition Group and will use Cell C’s network to provide its services. Find out more out this new South African mobile provider here.

me&you Mobile

The first 1 500 people to subscribe to me&you Mobile will receive an intro special of unlimited voice calls for R300.00 p/m.

Check out the rest of the pricing below and let us know if you are thinking of making the switch:

Month-to-Month Subscription Plans

Monthly Subscription Fees
Voice-Calling p/m
R50 p/m R0.69 R0.60 R0.99
R100 p/m R0.69 R0.60 R0.99
R200 p/m R0.59 R0.60 R0.99
R300 p/m (limited offer) Unlimited R0.60 R0.99
R400 p/m R0.49 R0.60 R0.99
R500 p/m R0.39 R0.60 R0.99
me&you Mobile

Data Bundles

 Bundle Prices
 Amount of Data
 Price Per MB
R25 100MB R0.25
R50 200MB R0.25
R75 300MB R0.25
R125 500MB R0.25
R490 1GB R0.15
R300 2GB R0.15