Snake Game

If you had a Nokia in the late 90s, you probably played a helluva lot of the Snake game. This addictive, but simple mobile game is making a comeback and will soon be available to download on modern smartphones.

The new game, called Snake Rewind, was created by the original Snake game’s developer, Taneli Armanto. The original game was designed in 1997 and enjoyed major success. At the height of its popularity it was pre-installed on over 400 million Nokia phones, making it one of the most popular games in history. Snake Rewind will be available for free on Android, iOS and Windows Phone and is set to launch on Friday (14 May 2015).

Snake Rewind 1

Developer Rumulus Design promises “iconic elements and intuitive gameplay from the original“. The experience will obviously be way different because of the touch screen element which wasn’t available when the original was at the height of popularity. The game will also boast all new and unique features like fruit power-ups, leaderboards and the ability to Rewind (hence the name) your game when you crash and try again. The game will have 10 levels, each with custom music and design – there is even a level dedicated to the original version of the game. You can even connect to Facebook and show off your high scores.