The very first Apple Watch OS update has been released by Apple after more than a month after the Watch went on sale in certain countries.

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first Apple Watch OS update

Watch OS 1.01. can be downloaded and installed via the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.

Here’s how to get the first Apple Watch OS update:

Open the Apple Watch app on the iPhone with which your Apple Watch is paired > General > Software Update > Download and Install > (Enter Passcode) > Agree to Terms and Conditions

Once you’ve downloaded this first Apple Watch OS update on your iPhone, you will need to place your Apple Watch on the charging station, with at least 50% charge. Once installation is complete, your Watch will give a little beep and you can use it as normal.

first Apple Watch OS update

The update requires 51.6 MB of storage space and doesn’t take too long to Download and Install (ours took less than 20min). Apple notes that this update as having “performance improvements and bug fixes” and includes support for the 300 new Emojis that were added with iOS 8.3.

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Other improvements and bug fixes include:

  • Bug fixes and updates for Siri;
  • Improvements to measuring stand activity;
  • Improvements to calories calculations, specifically for rowing and cycling;
  • Improvement to distance and pace calculations for outdoor workouts;
  • Improvements to Accessibility;
  • Better support for third-party apps.

The new updates also gives your Apple Watch support for the following additional languages:

  • Brazilian Portuguese;
  • Danish;
  • Dutch;
  • Swedish;
  • Russian;
  • Thai; and
  • Turkish.