Mr Holmes is an upcoming mystery drama starring Sir Ian McKellen as a retired Sherlock Holmes.

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Mr Holmes is set in 1947, with Holmes (now 93 years-old) retired and living in a village in Sussex with his housekeeper, Mrs. Munro (portrayed by Laura Linney) and her young son, Roger (portrayed by Milo Parker). Holmes now enjoys his hobby as a bee-keeper and living a quite life. However, he is struggling to come to grips with his diminishing mind and writes in a journal to try to hold on to his fading memories. As he is writing in these journals he starts to reminisce about his days as a world-class private detective and one particular 50 year-old case starts to haunt him. With the help of Roger, Holmes sets out to solve his final case.

Mr. Holmes 1

The movie was directed by Bill Condon (Dreamgirls and Gods And Monsters) and is set to hit cinemas in July 2015.