So it turns out Pitch Perfect‘s Rebel Wilson speaks Afrikaans and isiZulu.

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Rebel Wilson speaks Afrikaans during an interview with Nadia Neophytou from Eyewitness News while promoting her new movie, Pitch Perfect 2. When asked by Neophytou whether she speaks Afrikaans, Wilson replies saying “ja, ek praat Afrikaans” (Yes, I speak Afrikaans). Wilson’s Pitch Perfect 2 co-star Adam DeVine seemed very impressed and admits that although he dated a South African girl, he never picked up on the langue. Wilson says that she thinks Afrikaans is “sexy” and says “goeie môre, hoe gaan dit met jou?” (good morning, how are you doing?) while DeVine, stares at her in awe.

Rebel Wilson Speaks Afrikaans 1

It’s rather impressive that Rebel Wilson speaks Afrikaans, but she goes on to even say some phrases in isiZulu and starts singing the traditional Ndebele song, Shosholoza. She also teaches DeVine to say the popular South African phrase for scoring a football goal, Laduma. Maybe when she’s done taking over the world she can learn the 9 other official South African languages.

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Pitch Perfect 2 is currently showing at cinemas and stars Wilson as Fat Amy, DeVine as Bumper. Pitch Perfect 2 is the sequel to the popular 2012 movie, Pitch Perfect. The franchise has become a pop culture phenomena, with Pitch Perfect 2 gaining AMOUNT in its opening weekend in the US alone. Other famous faces featured in Pitch Perfect 2 are Anna Kendrick portraying the leading role of Beca, Brittany Snow as Chloe and Hailee Steinfeld as Emily.

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