Series Intro Song

If you love a series you probably know its intro song off by heart. There have been many series intro songs through the years, but we reckon no one would ever fast forward through these 5 songs from popular shows:

1. Friends

Name: I’ll Be There For You

Performed by: The Rembrandts

I’ll Be There For You perfectly sums up what friends are for and also perfectly explains the struggles 20-somethings experience like terrible jobs, love lives and they basically have no clue what they are doing. That’s why you need your friends, and these Friends were there for each other for 10 awesome seasons.

2. Star Trek

Name: Where No Man Has Gone Before

Written by: Alexander Courage

You may not be able to sing along to this one (except if you’re Will Ferrel), but Start Trek has one of the most recognisable series intro songs in the entire universe.

3. Sex and the city

Name: Sex And The City Theme

Performed by: Bob Boykin

Admit it, you probably had this intro song as a ringtone in 2004 and whenever your phone rang you’d feel like Carrie Bradsaw strutting down the streets of NYC in Jimmy Choos.

4. Entourage

Name: Superhero

Performed by: Jane’s Addiction

Another HBO show with a killer intro tune is Entourages’s Superhero. The song fits perfectly into the intro montage of Vincent Chase and the boys cruising through the streets of Hollywood in a vintage car.

5. The Big Bang Theory

Name: The History Of Everything

Performed by: Barenaked Ladies

Not only does it have the series’ title in it, but The Big Bang Theory’s intro song is also extremely catchy.