Apple’s renowned Worldwide Developers Conference is currently underway and it hasn’t disappointed. But the biggest announcement at WWDC this year so far has been Apple Music.

Apple Music

Apple Music is a new music streaming service from Apple, which boasts a music catalogue of over 30 million songs and counting. It also features Beats 1, a live global 24-hour radio station and aims to become a platform for fans and musicians to connect and share with each other.

Apple Music

Apple describes curation as “the soul of every playlist created on Apple Music“, and have hired music experts to create playlists based on a user’s preferences. You can find your preferences under the For You section which will give you customised new mix albums, releases and playlists. Siri will also help you to find exactly the music you want to listen to. You can for instance ask “Play the song from Titanic” or “Play the best Lady Gaga song” and Siri will find the song you are looking for.

You will be prompted to select genres, bands, etc you are into, which will help Apple suggest new music to you. Apple will also recommend playlists to you as suggested by these music experts:

  • Rolling Stone;
  • Q Magazine;
  • Pitchfork;
  • DJ Mag;
  • Shazam; and
  • Mojo.

You can add content from the new music service from Apple straight to your Apple Music library and you can even save music to listen to offline. You will be able to share your favourite songs, playlists and videos on Facebook, Twitter or Messages. It’s never been easier to share music with the world. Your Music Library will live in iCloud, which means you can have access to Apple Music across all your devices and it won’t take up space on your devices as it is stored in iCloud.

What really sets Apple Music apart from other music streaming services is the fact that the app will be built into iOS 9. This means that it will essentially be available on every Apple device, without having to be downloaded and installed from the App Store.


Beats 1 Radio

Beats 1 is Apple’s 24-hour live radio station that will be broadcasted to over 100 countries. The station will be hosted by DJs Julie Adenuga in London, Ebro Daren in New York and Zane Lowe in LA. Besides playing current and classic tunes, Beats 1 will also feature exclusive interviews, awesome musical guests, and much more.

Apple Music Radio

But Apple won’t just give you a boring old radio station. No. Apple has completely redesigned the way radio works by giving you stations created by DJs around the world. There are genres ranging from indie rock to classical to match any musical mood without having to change the dial. Radio stations will also start to customise to satisfy your specific preferences based on the songs, albums or artists you choose to listen to.


Apple Music’s Connect feature creates a space for artist and fans to share and connect with each other like never before. Artists can upload lyrics, share behind-the-scenes footage and can exclusively debut or release songs directly to fans. Then, fans or other artists can like or comment on songs, photos or lyrics and can then share anything an artist has posted on Facebook, Twitter or email.

Artists’ profiles will feature their biography, discography and content shared via Connect. Artists can also reply to comments and comment and like other artists’ shared content.

Apple Music Favourites

Apple Music will be available from 30 June 2015 on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple Watch, Mac, Apple TV and for the first time ever, Android phones. The first three months are free, after which a $9.99 p/m (about R123.45) prescription fee will apply or $14.99 p/m (about R185.23) for a family plan that allows for up to six memberships.