Lately gender equality has been a hot-topic as the world moves away from stereotypical gender roles. And, although we are far from perfect, we are making strides in becoming less discriminatory and more accepting in general.

These Disney characters as the opposite genders show just how sexism is lame and progression is cool. The images were created by Canadian illustrator Sakimi Chan and she has even taken the time to flip the genders of popular Disney animal sidekicks as well.

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1. Ariel

One of the world’s most famous mermaids gets a remake, resulting in a beautiful merman with delicately elegant features and a coy little girl Flounder as his sidekick.

Disney Characters 10

2. Beauty and the Beast

What this classic Disney movie taught us is that beauty comes from the inside and that love knows no boundaries. We love how gentle female Beast‘s eyes look and female Lumiére looks as elegant as any French lady.

Disney Characters 2

3. Ursula

Male Ursula is the complete opposite of his female counter-part. He has a stunning body and an evil, but handsome smile that could turn any good girl bad. Normally we wouldn’t love his mullet, but he’s somehow pulling it off.

Disney Characters 8

4. Hades

Another Disney villain who looks so much better re-imagined as the opposite sex, is Hades. Female Hades has got it going on! She looks fierce, sexy and she could probably inflict some serious pain.

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Disney Characters 5

5. Pocahontas

Pocahontas is a very strong character and male Pocahontas is no exception. But we do like that there is a sense of vulnerability in this re-imagined Disney character. The female versions of Flit and Meeko are also included, and the only thing missing is a female John Smith.

Disney Characters 7

6. Cruella de Vil

Cruella de Vil, Cruella de Vil – If she doesn’t scare you then her male version sure will. We love male Cruella‘s outfit, bar his coat, which we’re hoping is faux-pup.

Disney Characters 9

7. Elsa

Elsa is one of the most independent and strong female Disney characters ever. The fact that she has become such a beloved character in such a small amount of time might be an indication of how much society’s perception on gender roles have shifted. Male or female, Elsa defies gender stereotyping with her independence, self-control, personal growth and strength.

Disney Characters 3