E3 2015 day 2 was even more exciting than day 1. Yesterday, it was Xbox’s turn to show off what their fans can expect from them for the year ahead and we’ve covered you with the best moments:

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The hottest news that came from E3 2015 Xbox conference was that you’ll soon be able to play your old Xbox 360 games on your Xbox One. This is great news for many avid Xbox gamers who built-up an extensive collection of Xbox 360 games, because now those games don’t just have to stand and collect dust and can be played on the newer console. 100 game titles that are available on Xbox 360 have been confirmed to be supported on the Xbox One, but no details were revealed as to which games to expect to work. All you’ll have to do is place the 360 disc into your Xbox One console and download a digital copy of the game at no extra cost.

Xbox further surprised and delighted fans with the news that they are developing a Minecraft version for the HoloLens – a virtual reality headset. With the HoloLens you are able to play using a controller as usual, with the addition of creating and exploring virtual reality worlds with your voice or gestures. During the E3 2015 conference the Minecraft hologram was positioned on a table and the presenter was able to walk around and interact (using voice commands or gestures) with any of the objects or features in real-time.

Other major news on the Xbox front is that a new Xbox One controller will be available soon, dubbed the Xbox Elite Wireless controller. The new controller has four extra bumper pads under the grips, hair-trigger locks to improve control and a new rolling pad that replaces the standard D-pad. You will also be able to customise your control thanks to hot-swappable parts.

E3 2015 Xbox One Controller

Rare, the British game developer, is turning 30 this year and decided to celebrate with a bang by releasing Rare Replay. Rare Replay features 30 classic games compilation that can be played on the Xbox One. Some of the exciting classic titles include Battletoads Arcade, Perfect: Dark Zero and Jetpac. Rare Replay features new challenges, achievements, gamescores of over 10 000 points, new cheats and more than 700 hours of gameplay. Rare Replay will be available in August 2015.

E3 2015 Rare Replay

New game titles that will be available on Xbox One were announced and include EA’s Plants v Zombies: Garden Warfare 2, Keiji Inafune’s ReCore and Rise of the Tom Raider, which will be available later this year: