Have you ever wondered whether you’d be able to say what you say on your Facebook statuses in real-life conversations? Maybe you aren’t guilty of it, but some people can be really obnoxious on their statuses and this video by Jason Horton perfectly sets out how completely awkward it would be.


From the person who is a bit needy with their likes, to the person who can’t stop talking about their dogs or the person who is trying desperately to rent out a room, people can be super annoying on Facebook. Seeing these statuses in real life can be a real eye-opener as to that saying that if you can’t say it to someone’s face then don’t post it on Facebook.Facebook Statuses 1Our favourite moment in the video is where the one girl keeps on wanting to fight other dog owners because she thinks they want to fight her, but basically all she can do is make a status about it. Check out the video above and drop us a comment with your favourite moment. Have you ever been guilty of being this obnoxious on Facebook?