FIFA 16 1

A trailer for the upcoming FIFA 16 game from Electronic Arts shows that female football players will finally feature in the popular video game.

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Since 1993 EA has released an annual FIFA video game that usually has some cool graphics and gameplay upgrades from the previous version. A new annual game also includes new players who have either joined the game for the first time or have been transferred during the football season. Now, for the first time in the video game’s history, FIFA 16 will feature 12 female national teams who can compete against each other in Offline Tournaments, Online Matches and in Match Day. Female teams are only able to play against each other, which is a bit disappointing but which is a fair representation of the struggles female football players are still experiencing in the competitive football world. The 12 national female teams featured in FIFA 16 are:

  • USA;
  • England;
  • Germany;
  • Brazil;
  • Spain;
  • France;
  • Canada;
  • Australia;
  • Italy;
  • Sweden;
  • Mexico;
  • China.

Some of the female football players to look forward to playing with include Alex Morgan from the USA team and Stephanie Houghton from England. The new game is set for release in September 2015.