This month’s free PS Plus games became available today and they are goodies.

In the month of June PS Plus users will be able to download these six PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3 games:

On PS4 only:

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

Free PS Plus Games


In this new chapter in the Metal Gear series players have to use stealth and combat skills to infiltrate a Cuban military base to rescue captives. One of the captives, Paz Ortega Andrade, went missing after the incident in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and was presumed to be dead. A second person, Ricardo “Chico” Valenciano Libre, is captured and it is feared that both captives could reveal secrets, a rescue mission is launched to retrieve them or confirm that they are dead.

Skulls of the Shogun: Bone-A-Fide Edition

PS plus games 5

In this fast-paced first-person strategy game players have to build up an army of undead samurai to capture the Skulls of the Shogun. The Bone-A-Fide Edition has new features like:

  • A new campaign called The Forgotten Isles with four new levels, with new achievements;
  • Six new multiplayer maps;
  • A new undead warrior called The Tanuki with awesome new skills; and
  • A new theme song.

On PS4 and PS Vita:

Super Exploding Zoo

PS Plus Games 2

Use herds of exploding animals and cause havoc and destruction across 80 different levels. Your goal is to protect your egg by using your herds to destroy aliens who want to eat all the animals. Every animal has a different skill that will help you fight the hungry aliens.

Futuridium Extended Play Deluxe

On PS3:

Call of Juarez: Gunslinger

PS Plus Games 9

Gunslinger is the fourth instalment in the Call of Juarez and is set in the Old West following the life stories of a bounty hunter, Silas Greaves. Players have the option to choose between three game modes – story, duel and arcade.

Cloudberry Kingdom

PS Plus Games 6

This platform game is designed to have a fully random level generator. This means that every level is new and unique and is matched to your abilities and skill set. There are over 10 hero types to play with and three different plays to choose from – story, arcade and free play.