Your hoarding might finally pay off. So phone your mom and ask her to send you your old 80s toys and gadgets, because they might be worth a pretty penny.

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80s Toys


CashInTheAttic has created an infographic which shows that your old toys and gadgets might have become worth some serious cash over the last 30 years.

Of course not every little thing you find will be worth a ton of money and you might as well get rid of a lot of junk. But items like the Sony Walkman TPS L2 with orange headphones could put about R8 000.00 in your pocket if you sell it on eBay. Many of these 80s toys and gadgets are making a comeback thanks to current trends like the movie, Guardians of the Galaxy which sees Chris Pratt’s character Peter Quill  listening to 80s music on his Sony Walkman TPS with orange headphones.

Savage Heman, a rare figurine from the popular 90s series, Heman can score you up to R13 000.00 if it’s mint condition, unopened box. Another popular and valuable Heman figure is the Heman BattCat which could sell on eBay for up to R80 000.00. But that’s nothing compared to some of the 1984 Transformers toys. A boxed, mint-condition original Transformers toy could sell for up to a massive R137 000.00.

Check out some of the other 80s toys and gadgets to see if you could maybe score some serious extra cash or even a deposit on a house:

80s Toys