Your TV viewing experience is about to become vibrantly super with the new LG SUPER Ultra HD TV. This new TV from LG,  combines revolutionary picture quality with smart TV technology and elegant design. Whether you’re watching sports or movies you will get a cinema-like experience, where every colour comes alive.

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LG Super UHD TV logo

Not only does the LG SUPER Ultra HD TV deliver a crystal clear display, but it also looks great in any living space. The sleek and slim 8.5mm UltraSlim Design display delivers vivid picture clarity and colour technology, which makes every colour pop.


The new smart technology in this new TV from LG may make the SUPER Ultra HD TV seem like it’s something from the future. However, the new user experience is remarkable and the TV menu system has been simplified thanks to LG’s WEB OS 2.0, which is an update of LG’s WebOS. The previous user interface was designed according to the “Make TV Simple Again” concept, which, as the name suggests, has been developed to eliminate unnecessarily complex TV menu systems.

The ULTRA Luminance technology is responsible for improving brightness and resolution by constantly analysing the bright and dark parts of the video content. The LG SUPER Ultra HD TV is able to render dazzlingly detailed images at extremely wide viewing angles thanks to LG’s 4K IPS panel. The TV’s settings are optimised by the Prime Mastering Engine which delivers unprecedented picture quality and clarity.

With superior features like ULTRA Luminance, Prime Mastering Engine, Colour Prime technology and a 4K in-Plane Switching (IPS) panel, the LG SUPER Ultra HD TV is a game-changer for the TV market.