The best things in life really are free, especially if they are games. We’ve chosen our top 5 favourite free iOS games that you need to play this week:

1. Snack Truck Fever

iOS games 1

This free game from Square Enix (Lara Croft: Relic Run and Mini Ninjas) is great fun and can become rather challenging. The basic idea is that you are a food truck owner and your goal is to be the best in town. The game has over a hundred food themed line drawing puzzles and you will need to match up ingredients to satisfy every customer’s unique dietary needs. This game because quite addictive and you can easily become super competitive to beat your friends’ high scores and become the best.

2. One More Dash

From the makers of One More Line and ThumbZilla, SMG Studio, comes this simple, but intense game. One More Dash is one of those typical, time-wasting, but completely addictive free iOS games. But it stands out in its sleek and fun design as well as how challenging it becomes.

3. Lara Croft: Relic Run

iOS games 3

Another fun free iOS game from Square Enix is Lara Croft: Relic Run. In this game Lara Croft needs to find the truth behind a conspiracy that could destroy Earth. You go through different stages set in cool ancient location to find clues and collect information to solve the mystery and save the world. Along your journey you collect weapons, drive cool vehicles, engage in epic battles and escape capture.

4. Zombiebucket

This pixellated arcade style iOS game from One More Level S.A. (Deadlings) is fun, fast-paced and easy to play.

5. Super Kong Climb

iOS Games 4

Fluxoft Limited created this totally addictive iOS arcade style climbing game. You need to try to get to the end of the tower and avoid being knocked off by obstacles.