Now your imagination will work like it has never worked before with Disney wearable toys, Playmation.

Technology in other wearables such as wireless and motion sensors was used to give kids the opportunity to interact with toys in a digital world, and best of all, the toys interact with each other. Toys will be able to communicate with each other through gesture recognition using infrared and radio frequency.

Disney Wearable Toys 5

With Disney wearable toys, players will be able to emerge themselves in the worlds they have only dreamed of before. The familiar gameplay features like completing missions, levelling up and earning points can now be experienced beyond the couch and players become part of a story in real-life. Disney wearable toys are made to encourage kids to be more active and explore their environment in an imaginative way. If you choose to play in the outdoor mode the game expands and creates a bigger digital environment. When Playmation is launched it will support up to 2 multiplayers, which will feature extra modes and new players that will be released in stages.

Kids will have the opportunity to be the hero or heroine of famous stories from The Walt Disney Company. The first story to play on Disney wearable toys is Marvel’s Avengers, with Frozen and Star Wars under development. The Marvel’s Avengers starter pack will come with an Avenger Gear (repulsor) and 2 Power Activators and Captain America and Iron Skull Smart Figures. Players will be guided by their Gear when they complete missions and get to battle on out-of-this world (literally) locations, without even having to leave your house. The Avenger Gear uses wearable technology to record all your accomplishments, rewards and new missions on the AvengersNet companion app.

Disney Wearable Toys 1

An internet connection is only required for the Marvel’s Avengers system for certain features like downloading the companion app and registering your Gear on it and to download new missions. However, no internet connection is required for general gameplay.

Playmation will be released later this year.