Cicret Bracelet 1

Last year the concept for the Cicret Bracelet, which is basically a smartphone projected onto your skin, was released. The concept seemed too good to be true, but the team has now released a video showing off the first prototype.

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It might not look perfect, but it is a pretty promising start. The idea of a bracelet-like device which displays content right onto your skin and allows you to use your apps, access content and interact with your smartphone on your body is really exciting.

How It Works

The Cicret Bracelet uses 8 proximity sensors that detect the position of your fingers and a pico projector which projects your smartphone onto your body. You will then be able to swipe, type and pinch in the same way you would on your smartphone or tablet.

Cicret Bracelet 3

The Cicret Bracelet will have an LED display for notifications, accelerometer, a micro USB port and will be Bluetooth and WiFi enabled. The bracelet is expected to use a new technology that will put your SIM details into the hardware, which means you won’t need to get an additional SIM card for the bracelet. You will be able to sync your bracelet with your smartphone via Bluetooth, allowing you to answer calls, send texts, etc.

If the project goes ahead you will be able to turn on the projector with a flick of your wrist, which will then display a smartphone on your skin. The device will also be waterproof which means you will be able to use it while you are relaxing in the bath.

Cicret Bracelet 2

The project was on IndieGoGo before, but was pulled for a revamp and the founders are now accepting donations directly on their website. The founders of Cicret explain that they require €700,000 to create the first prototype and an additional €300,000 for the Cicret App. If they are successful in raising the funds, the bracelet is set to be available in about 18 months in two sizes (16 and 32 GB) and in 10 different colours. The expected price tag of the bracelet is $400 (about R4 705.70).