In 1989 the world was forever changed with the birth of the internet. It’s hard to imagine what the world without the internet would even be like. Wikipedia has become the world’s library, Google is god and Facebook connects more than a billion people across the world.



The guys over at Founders Forum have made a video that reimagines a world without the internet and, not only is it funny, but it is also thought-provoking. To create this video depicting the world without the internet, Founders Forum teamed up with the World Wide Web Foundation, YouTube, Freud Communications and King Digital Entertainment, with Stephen Fry as the narrated. The video is called “The World Wide What?” and also features cameo appearances by world-wide web inventor Tim Berners-Lee, Arianna Huffington, Sean Parker, Stephen McConnel “Steve” Case, Michael Burch, Niklas Zennström, Michael Acton Smith, Riccardo Zacconi and Jimmy “Jimbo” Wales.

About Founder Forum

Founders Forum is a private network of leading digital and technology entrepreneurs. It was founder by Brent Hoberman and Jonnie Goodwin in 2006 and is one of Europe’s leading technology gathering. It regularly hosts exclusive, invite-only events in London, the US, Brazil, India, Turkey and China. Through its events and gatherings it unites over 3 000 of the world’s best technology and digital entrepreneurs and innovators. Open debates, brainstorming and problem-solving takes place during Founders Forum events and gatherings.

Thanks to the global relationships and networks it has built up over the past 9 years, Founders Forum is able to track the digital and technologic ecosystems and continuously inform the company’s subsections, namely Founders Intelligence, Founder Keeps, Founders Factory and Founders Forum for Good.