According to the sacked host, the BBC asked Jeremy Clarkson to return to Top Gear after he was fired a couple of months ago.


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Clarkson told The Telegraph that he was approached by a BBC executive last week who, according to the ex Top Gear host, asked Jeremy Clarkson to return to Top Gear. Clarkson said that he could never go back to the show because too much has happened and things have been said after Clarkson was fired following a “fracas” with one of the BBC show’s producers. Clarkson specifically said that one of the major reasons that made him turn down the offer to return to host the show was that someone at the BBC had compared Clarkson to Jimmy Savile. Clarkson stated that it was never an option to return to Top Gear:

Too much has gone on. After I’d been compared to Jimmy Savile by someone from the BBC and it was splashed all over a Sunday newspaper, how could I go Back?

However, the BBC has refuted the claim that it had asked Jeremy Clarkson to return to Top Gear, saying that:

We haven’t offered another Top Gear contract. The BBC had placed on record its thanks to Jeremy for his broadcasting on the programme and wish him well for the future.

 This fresh new brawl between the BBC and Clarkson comes days after the BBC announced that it has decided that Chris Evans will be replacing Clarkson as the new Top Gear host. Clarkson claims that he was asked to return to host Top Gear by an executive “just days before Chris Evans was offered the job”. Clarkson explains that he turned down the offer to return to host Top Gear because “too much has gone on” and he claims that the BBC knew that it would be impossible for Jeremy Clarkson to return to Top Gear, which he claims is “why they gave the job to Chris so soon after I met them“. The BBC stated above that Evans’s contract has been the only contract they’ve offered so far, so we have no news yet on who will be replacing James May and Richard Hammond as the show’s co-hosts.
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Chris Evans is a 49-year old DJ on the Radio 2 breakfast show and he hosts TFI Friday. He will be hosting a revamped version of Top Gear, which will debut in March 2016. Many people are satisfied with BBC’s choice to replace Clarkson with Evans as the host of the popular motoring show, especially because Evans is so controversial and a massive car enthusiast. But don’t think that there is bad blood between the old and the new Top Gear hosts, because Evans and Clarkson are fat friends, with Evans claiming that Top Gear is his ultimate favourite show.
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Meanwhile, Jeremy, May and Hammond Live took place in South Africa last week and was a major success. Check out some pictures from their visit in South Africa: