Unless you’ve never had access to a computer in your life, you probably know by now that Minecraft is a cool pixel creation tool and one player just built the biggest Minecraft pixel art ever.


Tholar Tholarian dedicated 23 weeks of his life, using 1 128 960 blocks to create the biggest Minecraft pixel art ever since the game’s release in 2009. He also assures users on his YouTube description of the image that the whole image was created by hand, without using any software or other players to help him.Minecraft Pixel ArtAnd if you think this dude has been wasting his life, he hasn’t. Not only is the image really cool and an amazingly dedicated accomplishment, Tholar Tholarian uses his streams to help raise donations for the Irish Make-A-Wish Foundation. The image is a recreation of one of Blizzard’s images they created for an event and Tholar Tholarian explains that:

I merely took my time to make it in Minecraft because I love their games 🙂