Fallout 4 1

If you we’re worried that the dog in Fallout 4 will suffer a depressing end, don’t worry because he can’t die.

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Your fluffy companion is called Dogmeat, which made many fans stress that they would have to witness him dying. But fans were reassured that your dog in Fallout 4 can’t die. The happy news came from Todd Howard, Fallout 4’s director, who was speaking at a panel at this year’s E3 and revealed that Dogmeat is not mortal, therefore he cannot die.

Although he is not mortal, Dogmeat isn’t invincible and Howard warned that your dog companion can become seriously hurt. This means that you can’t just throw Dogmeat into any situation and expect him to sort it out for you and not get hurt at all. Even though Dogmeat is a loyal companion who will basically always follow you, he can get hurt and you should take good care of him.