World Video Game Hall of Fame 1

The Strong National Museum of Play has revealed the first six inductees of the World Video Game Hall of Fame. The six inductees were selected from 15 finalists and the museum explained how these six games were chosen:

The games in the inaugural class… span multiple decades, countries of original and gaming platforms, but all have significantly affected the video game industry, popular culture and society in general.

Take a look at the six inductees and let us know if you agree with the choices:

1. Pong

Date: 1972

Platform/s: Arcade

About: The game was released by Atari on arcade and involves two paddles and a ball, with the aim of preventing the ball from going through.

Significance: Pong was basically responsible for launching the entire video gaming world. Its sound, intuitive controls and gameplay still appeal to many video gamers and has inspired many, many more video games.

2. Pac-Man

Date: 1980


About: This simple maze video game’s goal is to simply much as many fruits as possible and to prevent from being eaten. Although it is so simple and easy to play, you get easily addicted and determined to beat the high score.

Significance: Not only did it become the best-selling arcade video game ever, but it also inspired an entire pop-culture movement. Pac-Man was responsible for moving video gaming from the niche market to the masses.

3. Tetris

Date: 1984

Platform/s: Its Russian folk tune also gave it a unmissable and unforgettable sound.

About: This Soviet Union tile-matching puzzle video game is loved across the globe. It was initially designed and programmed by Alexey Pajitnov and received global success when Nintendo packaged it with the first handheld Game Boy system in 1989.

Significance: This game has basically been on every platform and has been played in all corners of the world in many different forms. It is so iconic that it frequently features in modern art pieces and has even been projected on the sides of buildings.


4. Super Mario Bros.

Date: 1985

Platform/s: Arcade

About: Created by Shigeru Miyamoto and first appeared as Jumpman in Donkey Kong. Since then Mario has jumped his way into over 200 games and has featured on every Nintendo console ever created.

Significance: From the iconic music, characters and general awesomeness, Super Mario Bros. is basically the game everyone associates video games with. Mario is also the face of Nintendo.


Date: 1993


About: This first-person shooter game was created by id Software follows a space soldier who has to battle demons, aliens and monsters in order to survive

Significance: By introducing the idea of a game engine, encouraging multiplayer interactions and popularising the first-person shooter game, DOOM helped shaped gaming history. DOOM was also responsible for starting the endless debate about video games and violence.

6. World of Warcraft

Date: 2004

Platform/s: PC Online

About: This massively multiplayer online role-playing game allows players to create unique virtual avatars that allow them to explore an open and evolving virtual world.

Significance: World of Warcraft is by far the biggest online gaming game ever. It has over 10 people playing in a virtual universe and has created an entire generation of online gaming and gaming communities.

About the World Video Game Hall of Fame

Established in 2015, the Hall of Fame recognises video games across all platforms, genres, decades, etc. The most important factors taken into account is whether the video game has been popular for a significant amount of time and has had a substantial influence on the video gaming industry or on pop-culture in general.

These first six inductees will be permanently displayed at The Strong Museum’s eGameRevolution exhibit in New York, US. Nominations for 2016 can be made by anyone until 31 March 2016.