Google launched a suggestion tool called Which Phone that helps you pick your next Android phone.

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Which Phone

Which Phone asks you some questions about your smartphone use behaviour and then gives you suggestions on which Android phone will be best suited for your needs.

You are first asked to choose between 12 categories of things you would be using your new Android phone for and how often you will use the phone to perform these tasks. The 12 categories of tasks are:

  1. Taking photos;
  2. Listening to music;
  3. Being productive;
  4. Social Media;
  5. Gaming;
  6. Watching videos;
  7. Being on-the-go;
  8. Staying fit;
  9. Texting & Instant Messaging;
  10. Talking;
  11. Web browsing; and
  12. Expressing my style.

Which Phone

You are then asked specific usage questions regarding the categories you chose. For instance, if you chose that you will use the phone most to listen to music you will be asked how you listen to music on your phone.

Which Phone

Because it is a US based tool you are given the option to choose between mobile service provides, but you can click to Choose Later and a list of suggested Android phones will still be given to you.

Which Phone will then give you some suggestions as to which Android phone to pick taking into account all the information you’ve provided. But it doesn’t stop there. Once the tool has suggested Android phones to you, you can narrow the scope of your smartphone needs by choose specific features like the size, price and latest mode.

Why don’t you try out this new Google suggestion tool and let us know in the comments section how accurate you think it is to predict your smartphone needs.